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Chicago-based artists Robin Dluzen and Rine Boyer collaborate under the moniker 'RxR' with works that find a conceptual common ground amongst their vastly differing media. Both artists have long been engaged with the notion of how mankind interacts with the landscapes in which they dwell, and for this collaborative project, Dluzen's engagement with functional material and structural imagery is punctuated by Boyer's graphic, figurative drawing. Together, the artists explore the conundrum of the contemporary urban farming trend with works that blend inside with outside, city life and rural practice, and the organic and the man-made. In this exhibition, RxR source their subject matter directly from the urban farming initiatives in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood, from large-scale community projects and small-scale growing ventures of individuals, to the regional, farm-to-table practices.

Collaboration ProcessCollaboration Process
Garden Maintenance           Garden Maintenance DetailCity Watering
Urban Coop #1  Urban Coop #2Urban Coop 1 & 2
Enclosed GardenersDetail of Enclosed Gardeners
Improvisation – Billboard & Stephen & Kerem
Improvisation – Hydrant & Jennifer
Improvisation – Tower & Brooke
Improvisation – Water Tower Support & Margaret