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http://www.yourart.asia/news/show/57810“Between”- Exhibition by Rine Boyer, the Hunter of Characters and Colors

Chicago based artist, Rine Boyer, knows how to capture unique characters by using personalized patterns and simple colors. She is not confined to the conventions of traditional human portraits, but instead creates unique impressions of individuals. Boyer’s inspiration comes from her meticulous observation of life. Her new series not only continues experimenting with images, colors and space, but also takes it a step further to explore the emotions in relationships between humans and between humans and animals. In seemingly ordinary interactions, one finds genuine hidden feelings that resonate with the heart of observer.
The artist uses elements from daily life as symbols. Repetitive yet numerous identical symbols serve as an explanation and are specific to Boyer’s totemic system. These symbols let the observer relate to the meaning behind the piece, and quietly transfer us to the language of senses, and create the appearance of each character. The use of colors and space are also a unique part of Boyer’s art. In the past, she used a monochromatic base with retro images as a sign for each character in order to describe contemporary urban hipster culture. This time with contrasting colors, she offsets human expressions by blurring the lines of space with simple blocks of color. This in turn has not only made the paintings more vivid, but also gives the observer space to imagine.
The exhibition “Between” is the first time the artist has focused on exploring relationships. Through warm interactions between family, lovers, and pets, she describes binding relationships that never fade. Boyer’s brushwork not only shows the warm, comfortable atmosphere, but also describes the most intimate moments. The piece “Family Walk” uses the shadows of a family on a leisurely stroll along an endless alley to show the family’s mutual companionship. At the same time, it tugs at the heartstrings of an observer, bringing out emotions and notions of family. In “Summer Afternoon”, the father has the role of a bridge as he connects a newborn and a pet. The dog curiously looks on, craving to meet the newborn. Boyer, who always creates individual or group scenes, has continued to portray various relationships with a deeper display of emotions. “Between” displays Boyer’s nine new paintings and several cut outs that show artist’s unique point of view.

Also online at: http://www.yourart.asia/news/show/57810