The Feedback Series

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The Feedback Series is a project that aims to do art differently. Our mission is to curate collaborative events where artists, performers, and audience are all part of the creation process, working together to spark ideas, incite conversation, and evoke new forms of expression. Each of these events will inspire new art, which will then be exhibited at the next event in the series, fostering a loop of creative feedback that comments upon the work that came before it.

By attending an event in the Feedback Series, you are not just a member of an audience but a member of an artistic collaboration that uses your voice, your expression, and your experience to spur creativity forwards. Join us at an upcoming event to be a part of the continuing conversation.

Series 1: May 2nd, 2013

5/2 Postcard

3 Improvisers

Visual Artists

Vaughnda Johnson
Jennifer Hines


Zach Zimmerman
Willie Myers
Sara Kaplan
Organizers: Katherine Gean, Halcyon Person, Rine Boyer